Briggs's page for advisees

my email: briggs dot double u, etc.

my web site: .    This is where you can find my office hours.

Reasons to see me:

         To discuss any problems which affect your academic performance.  Catch them early.  We like to see you succeed!

         To select courses for next semester

         To add or drop courses

         To discuss academic progress

         To declare a major or a minor

How to see me:

Come by during my office hours (or other times).  No appointments!

The exceptions are:  this week; when we discuss the CSI results; and fall advising.   Your CL will hand around a signup sheet on those occasions.  Otherwise . . . just come by.  I don't like negotiating appointment times, so we'll just do it this way.

If you're concerned about whether I'm busy, give me a call or email just before you come over.

How to prepare to see me:

         If your plan is to discuss upcoming classes, be sure and look at the relevant materials:

o   If you're discussing majors, have a look at the major in the catalog, and on the LC web site.  If there's a suggested plan of classes to take, that's worth printing out and bringing

o   If you're discussing upcoming classes, look at the course offerings (  ). 

o   Later in your time at LC, you'll also want to do a graduation progress report ( , log in, go to Students Online, and select Graduation Progress Report).  This tells you what you still need to take

         If your plan is to discuss academic difficulties... remember, I don't have authority over you, so there's no need to make it sound like you've got it under control.   Tell me whatever you need to, and I'll try to help.