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Hackfest Winners
CS@LC major Jacob Sharp and his teammates Karel Bemis, Antonia Charles, Ashley Moore, Kelsey Kaiser, and Sidney Michaux won first prize at the 3rd Annual “Caring for the Caregiver Hack” contest, November 3-5, in Richmond.  This meet is created by the Lindsay Institute for Innovations in Caregiving, and is designed to promote technical help for care providers.

“We had from around 12 on Saturday to 1:30 Sunday to create this,” Jacob said.  The app they created assists caregivers in monitoring the time they spend on themselves, with encouragement to spend more.

“Essentially when it started up it created for you with 5 different categoriess, like kind of activities, physical, spiritual, mental, and social, and adds tasks to each of these categories that you would want to work on, and adds talking to friends to social. You get points to spend in the 5th category, the ‘garden,’ where you would raise plants or tamagochi-like animals, that would help you see how you are helping others grow as well.”

First prize was $5000, plus $5000 seed funding, and opportunities to meet with advisors on marketing and/or development:  from LeClair/Ryan on that weekend, and later in Washington, D.C., for more assistance.