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mzk_lcProfessor M. Zakaria Kurdi joins Lynchburg College as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science.

Prior to coming to LC, he was a Visiting Professor at the University of Delaware, Newark, DE.

Dr. Kurdi received his Ph.D. in CS from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France. He taught and/or did research in several universities around the world including: Pierre Mendes France and Stendhal Universities, France, Universities of Aleppo and Baath, Syria, and the University of Ottawa in Canada.

Dr. Kurdi’s teaching interests include Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Science, Databases, algorithms, System Design and Analysis, and programming languages.

Dr. Kurdi’s main research interests are about NLP applications to educational systems as well as building cognitively inspired model of spoken language processing.

He recently published the first volume of his book about NLP and computational linguistics and ISTE-Wiley.

In his free time, he does some jogging, discovers new places and takes care of his 55 gallon planted tank.