CS 399
Internship in Unix system administration

I only need two interns, and I am a bit choosy.  Contact me if you have an interest.

Contact information:



Your grade will be about half a letter grade for "did you do a good job"; and an average of weekly letter grades for "did you do what you set out to do this week."  Each week that you get an email from me, it should say "great meeting"; "good meeting"; "ok meeting" or "not so good a meeting," corresponding roughly to A+, A, B, and C.  We won't go into "D" territory -- I hope.

For the standard grading scale, look here.



You may also want to get a book on Unix for users, or Unix system administration.  Or the Internet may be enough.  I'm leaning toward Internet.


How to do well:

and (when you get to the more advanced bits):