CS 385
Internet programming
Fall 2016

Contact information:

  • phone extension 8157 
  • email: briggs dot w at lynchburg dot edu 
  • office: Hobbes 104. If the door's open (and it almost always will be, if I'm there), you are welcome
  • office hours TBA

Please understand that office hours are not the only times you can come to my office! Those are just the hours that I guarantee to be there.

General info:

Class information:

Web site: http://cs.lynchburg.edu/briggs/
Text:  HTML Dog's HTML Tutorial online; Robin Nixon, Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, & CSS, 4th Edition, O'Reilly; something on Javascript you won't have to pay for
Class time:  2-2:50 MWF, Hobbs 113.


In this project-based course students develop an intermediate-level proficiency in the use of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and (possibly) JavaScript in building interactive sites for the World Wide Web.  This also prepares students to work with existing content management systems (e.g. Joomla! and Wordpress) and their themes.


Weekly assignments, mostly culminating in one overall project.  I am not planning any tests.


Your PC.  The software we'll be using is XAMPP and Microsoft Web Expression, which you can get through our Microsoft site license.  (You're free to use other editors if you like.) 


Other helpful hints: