CS 365 
Games Programming
Fall 2015

Contact information:

Please understand that office hours are not the only times you can come to my office! Those are just the hours that I guarantee to be there.

Class information:

Web site: http://cs.lynchburg.edu/briggs
Text:  Irrlicht 1.7 Realtime 3D Engine Beginners Guide, Kyaw & Stein.
Class time:  2 MWF, Hobbs 113.



The grading is all based on your project.  Here's what I'm thinking:


MSWindows machines in this lab, or your home machine.  You'll need to install Irrlicht.

You will want headphones or speakers so you can hear sound on the lab machines.

Working in teams:

When you make your design document, you'll specify who's doing what.  Break it down in such a way that you aren't waiting on anyone else to finish before you can start!  This also will help us in that if someone doesn't come through, the rest of the program will still work, and I can give credit where credit's due.


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