GitHub basics on Windows.

First, you'll need GitHub for Windows installed.

Clone the GWTW archive onto your desktop (or wherever).  It becomes a folder named GWTW.  It's where you'll be doing your work.  (Feel free to make multiple backup copies, as usual.)

Ready to make your changes?  Create a branch ().  I called mine "WSB's-branch-for-testing-making-branches."

Then, using the folder that has my project (the GWTW archive).  I added files, or altered files, or whatever I wanted.  These changes will show up in GitHub for Windows under the branch.

To send your changes

Give a title to your changes.  Until you do, you can't commit.  Click to commit.

Now click on Pull request, and Send pull request.  "Pull request" means "I want to upload my changes."  So "pull" means "push" here.  >:(.

At, on the GWTW page, click on branches.  Tell it you want to merge yours.  If you don't have permission, and you want to, let me know and I'll see about adding permissions.

To see others' changes

You can look on, or under GitHub for Windows, they show up as marks on the master timeline.



To get others' changes

In GitHub for Windows, click on the branches' pull-down menu, and select master.