Zombies wanted!


"Dawn of the Living: Wake Up Dead" from CS 365 needs beta testers! Contact Deron Turner or Will Briggs for more information.

Spring 2014 Tutor Hours (Hobbs 115)


· Monday: 2pm-3pm (Hannah), 7pm-9pm (Tony)
· Tuesday: 7pm-9pm (Hannah)
· Wednesday: 3pm-4pm(Matt), 4pm-7pm (Molly), 7pm-9pm (Tony)
· Thursday: 4pm-6pm (Molly), 6pm-7pm(Matt),  7pm-9pm (Hannah)
· Sunday: 7pm-8pm (Tony)

CS 141 Game Projects: 2013


The CS 141 students from Dr. Briggs’s Fall 2013 class made some pretty good games . . . here are screenshots.  Some of the images are clickable:  clicking will get you a copy of the game.  Challenge your brain with CodgerBall or Bolderdash, and test your reflexes with Space Gems, Coin Runner, and others.

Descriptions are up on the ground floor of Hobbs.

Aaron Smalls - TrafficMalik Barbour - Sonic the Hedgehog Michael Redwood - Submarine Attack Kenneth Shively - Ski Free Darnell Whitley - FroggerHarrison Smith - Fat BabyTricia Young - Destiny of the Dragon Slayer Travis Stocker - Space Gems Aaron Jacks - Codgerball Shawn Cherry - Bolderdash Thomas White - Atlas 2-D PlatformerRichard Cann Perez - SpaceShift Terry Mastronikalos - Spirit Warriors

New class: CS 105


cs105We have a new class (mostly) for freshmen this semester:  CS 105, Introduction to Computation.

CS 105 grew out of a discussion between Dr. Kevin Peterson, who assisted CS with its program review in Fall 2012, and CS majors in Dr. Meehean’s CS 242 class.  This discussion indicated a larger jump from CS 131 (Visual Basic) to CS 141 (Structured Programming I, in C++) than we would like; so CS 105 was developed to help make the transition smoother.

CS 105 is now required for the major.  (Students who became CS majors 2012-2013 or earlier are still under their old catalog, and do not have this as a requirement.)  It also fills LC’s general education mathematics requirement.

Dr. Meehean is starting it out with programming in Python, the only programming language (as far as I know) named after a comedy troupe.  Dr. Briggs will continue it in October, with Dr. Ribler wrapping it up in November with “Great Ideas in CS.”

So far, students have already made music (using the winsound library) and travel plans (using the math library).  What’s next is TBA.

End of the Year Cookout



The Student Association for Computing Machinery is sponsoring an end of the year cookout. The cookout will be Friday, May 3rd from 3-5pm and will take place at the pavilion behind the townhouses.

Everyone is invited so please come and enjoy some barbecue with the Computer Science faculty and students!