Student Tutoring Hours Spring 2015


In Hobbs 115:

  • Sun 6-8 (Tony)
  • Mon 6-8 (Tony)
  • Tues 6-9 (Russ)
  • Wed 6-8 (Tony)
  • Thur 11am-1pm (Tony)


SACM Computer Science Pizza Party


AMC Pizza flyer

CS@LC alum in the news


Noble Ackerman, CEO of LynxFit, talks (briefly) to USA Today about “paying it forward.”


Mr. Ackerman graduated from CS@LC in 2002, and seems to have been pretty busy since.  He received the LC Distinguished Alumni Award in October of this year.

CS Tutoring Hours Fall ’14


Monday: 6pm-8pm (Dwyer)
Tuesday: 6pm-8pm (Dwyer)
Wednesday: 6pm-9pm (Hachey)
Thursday: 6pm-8pm (Dwyer)
Friday: noon-2pm (Dabeet)

CS365 Games Programming: Highlight


A highlight of the development of two games — “Dawn of the Living” and “Hot Pursuit of Happiness/Sand Ice Drifter” — in the Games Programming class of LC’s Computer Science Department.  A playable version of “Dawn of the Living” is available for download.  Enjoy!